Acetochlor( 93TC 50EC 900g/l EC 990g/l EC )

    COMMON NAME:Acetochlor
    CHEMICAL NAME:2'-ethyl-6'-methyl-N-(ethoxymethyl)-2-chloroacetylanilide

    PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES:Technical product is brown and transparent liquid, stable. The density or tech is 1.11 at 30 oC. At room temperature, the dissolvability in water is 223 ppm.

    TOXICOLOGY:Low poisoning to human being and cattles. 50% E.C. The acute oral LD 50 for big white mouse over 2370mg/kg. The acute dermal LD 50 >1330mg/kg.
    93TC 50%EC 900g/l EC 990g/l EC

    Registration certificate:
    PD20070260 PD20070043 PD20090995 PD20070259

    PACKING:I n 200kg net iron drums for technical grade and 200L net iron drums for E.C,or on the client's requirement.

    USED:Acetochlor is a kind of selective herbicide before sprout. It is principally used for weeds of large crabgrass, barnyardgrass, greenbristlegrass, shortawnfoxtail, goosegrass and water mouse-earchickweed, amaranth, common purslane, ducktongueweed used to control insects on rice soya beans, peanuts, maizes, rapes, cottons. Usually take surface treatment of the presprout soil. The using-quantity is according to the kinds of crops and areas. The spray, mix with soil and water mix etc. methods are used in application.

    1. This part insorbing acetochlor is youngshort, good effectiveness will be gotten before sprout.
    2. This product can be used together with Atrazine in maize and sugarcane.
    3. This product can not be used in rice, wheat, cucumber, spinach, leek, beet, watermelon.
    4. Be care of the body while spraying acetochlor.

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