Malathion 95TC 50EC

    Malathion is a pesticide that is widely used in agriculture, residential landscaping, public recreation areas, and in public health pest control programs such as mosquito eradication.In the US, it is the most commonly used organophosphate insecticide

    Diretion of USE

    1.Prevention and control of insect pests in crops : wheat armyworm, aphids, MAK leaves bee

    2.Legume crop insect pest prevention and control : soybean pod borer, soybean bridge, peas, peas and Guan Ya, yellow flea beetle

    3.Prevention and control of insect pests : rice leafhopper, planthopper

    4.Cotton pest prevention and control : cotton leaf Collembola, plant-like

    5.Prevention and treatment : thornmoth, moth nest on fruit trees, powder scale insects, aphids

    6.Prevention and control : insect pests of tea tree tea weevil, Changbai scale insects, shells, such as scale, tea, cotton verticillium lecanii

    7.Prevention and control : vegetable pest cabbage, vegetable aphids, yellow bar jumping one

    8.Prevention and control of forest pests control : apocheima cinerarius erschoff, Dendrolimus punctatus, stilpnotia etc

    Biochemistry Cholinesterase inhibitor; proinsecticide, activated by metabolic oxidative desulfuration to the corresponding oxon.

    Mode of action: Non-systemic insecticide and acaricide with contact, stomach, and respiratory action.

    Uses: Used to control Coleoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera in a wide range of crops, including cotton, pome, soft and stone fruit, potatoes, rice and vegetables. Used extensively to control major arthropod disease vectors (Culicidae) in public health programmes, ectoparasites (Diptera, Acari, Mallophaga) of cattle, poultry, dogs and cats, human head and body lice (Anoplura), household insects (Diptera, Orthoptera), and for the protection of stored grain. Typical application rates for agricultural uses 0.5-1.25 kg/ha.

    Malathion 50% EC

    A.I. Content, %


    Acidity (as H2SO4),%


    Water, %



    Light yellow liquid

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