Appearance:Yellow to brown viscous liquid or solid

    Density: 1.175g/cm3(25°C)

    Boling point: >200°C/1.0mmHg

    Vapor Pressure: 19.2µPa(20°C)

    Solubility: Hardly soluble in water(<10µg/L,25°C); but soluble in organic solvents.(e.g xylene, acetone, chloroform etc.)

    Stability: Stable to heat, moisture and acidic media, rapidly hydrolyzed in alkaline solution, and can be stored over 2 years in normal condition.

    Toxicity:Acute,oral,LD50:>451mg/kg(rats),Acute,dermal,LD50:>5000mg/kg(rats), Acute inhalant LC50>101mg/m3. Slight irritation to skin(rabbits), and moderate irritation to eyes. Not mutagenic, teratogenic and carcinogenic effect. High toxicity to fish and aquatic animal, lower toxicity to bird, and safety to bee.

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