6Benzylaminopurine is a broad- spectrum plant growth regulator. It can accelerate growth of cell. When used with gibberellins, fruit's shape can be improved. 6 Benzylaminopurine stimulates the following effects: cell division; lateral bud emergence (apples, oranges); basal shoot formation (roses, orchids); flowering (cyclamen, cacti); fruit set (grapes, oranges, melons).

    Acute oral toxicity(LD50 ): male rat 2125mg/Kg,female rat 2130mg/Kg; mouse (male & female),1300mg/Kg.
    Acute percutaneous toxicity, LD50 >5000mg/Kg for mouse (male & female).
    Median tolerance limit(TLm) for carp, 400ppm, 48hr.
    Irritative and harmful to eyes.

    Effects of 6-Benzylaminopurine / 6-BA / BAP

    Stimulates fruit richness by stimulating cell division.

    Is an inhibitor of respiratory kinase in plants.

    Increases post-harvest life of green vegetables.

    Promotes cell elongation and division in plants.

    Regulates differentiation in tissue culture.

    Decreases the chances of flower dropping and fruit dropping.

    Improves the plant's ability to deal with diseases.

    Improves the growth of the germinating seed.

    Strengthens a plant's immunity to stresses such as drought, salinity and cold.

    Uses of 6-Benzylaminopurine / 6-BA / BAP

    1. Stimulates the following effects

    lateral bud emergence (apples, pears, oranges);

    basal shoot formation (roses, orchids);

    flowering (cyclamen, cacti);

    fruit set (grapes, oranges, melons);

    2. Causes abscission of young fruitlets, leading to increased fruit size, stimulates flower bud formation and regular bearing in fruit trees.

    3. Inhibits senescence of rice seedlings.

    4. Enhances lateral bud break and lateral shoot growth, leading to fuller white pine trees. 5. Also causes uniform bolting and increased seed production in spinach.

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